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If you are interested in the great value domestic/household skip hire rates in Cork, then at Cork Mini Skips we can offer you any type of domestic skip at great value prices. What makes us different at Cork Mini Skips is that we  don’t compromise on quality or reliability when offering you great value skip hire rates.

What this means for you is that you get your skip hire at the best possible price with the best possible service. 

Below you will find a comprehensive guide to domestic skip hire for your home with Cork Mini-Skips.  This guide gives details of all the sizes of domestic skips we can provide, along with information on suitability, putting domestic skips on the road and other helpful information.

Also please remember that 100% of the waste we collect is taken to our recycling facility and anything that can be recycled will be!!

More information on domestic skip hire:

For expert advice,  to discuss all your domestic skip hire needs and to find out more about the great value skip hire rates in Cork call our team on 021-4300130.

Remember, when arrange your skip hire online you get a €10.00 discount!!!

Domestic Skip Hire Guide

Where can you place a domestic skip?

A domestic skip cannot be placed on the road without a permit and correct signage and lights. Please contact us if you cannot place on private land (remember the grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you!) as we can still help you organise this. Alternatively, we may be able to organise a wait and load facility.

What can be put in a domestic skip?

A domestic skip is for general and inert waste only, no Fridges, no TV's or monitors, hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents, liquids or asbestos. For a full list of things that cannot be put in a domestic skip please contact us.

Environmental Policy

We endeveour to make sure that as much of waste as possible goes through our recycling facilty and is sorted, recovering any recyclables and therefore minimising your waste to Landfill. Read more about our Environmental Policy »

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